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I love all things voice! Whether it is singing, performing character voices, voicing promos or presenting, I always help give your project the edge over others.


I have been singing for over 15 years professionally and have had a passion for voice acting since I was a child. I can't believe this is actually a job I get to do, mind-blowing! I am a seasoned song-writer and relish being creative when writing scripts.

I am highly sensitive and passionate about the client's needs and always strive to exceed their expectations. So, let's get you there!

VO bookings: 

Vocal bookings:

Don't take my word for it though! Have a look below at what others had to say about working with me.


Royal Mob, Sky History - Sergey Saprygin

Chrystina is an incredibly talented voice-over artist and an amazing person to work with -  full of character, versatile, approachable, and eager to do the job just right. I had the pleasure of working with Chrystina on a major campaign for Sky History - Royal Mob. It was a very demanding script that required great control over her voice and strong, convincing acting skills. She nailed it! Chrystina took my directions very well and brought charisma and spark into this project that left no stakeholders in doubt - this was the voice we wanted our audience to hear. She is also a fantastic singer! Don’t miss out on great emerging talent!

History Changers, Sky History2 - Alex Kirk

Chrystina is a delight to work with, she takes direction brilliantly and fully immerses herself in project. Working with her is a true collaboration and the energy and enthusiasm she brings to the VO booth is utterly infectious.

Forged in Fire, The History Channel - Juan Cruz

I’ve worked with Chrystina several times and she is an absolute delight to record with. Her energy is infectious and she takes direction really well. Combined with a flair for striking the right tone, she will get you the take you’re looking for with a smile on her face. I 100% recommend her!

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